Redistricting 2020 for City of San José

Done in late 2021 & potentially early 2022 but anticipated to end Dec. 14.

You may have heard that the City is redistricting, which is required by law to balance the population between districts at least every 10 years. There are currently three maps under consideration by City Council: Community, D4, Unity.

Only one more City Council meeting for public comment (Dec.14th).

You can download the official versions of ALL maps on the Dec. 14th agenda’s web page for this: City of San José - File #: 21-2545 (

For more information, visit City of SJ's main Redistricting 2020 web page.

Community Map 5.0 (Nov. 17th, final submission)

Black outlines represent the current district lines. The Community Map shifts about 4% of the City's population (Unity Map shifts about 16% of the SJ residents).

The "Community Map 5.0" redistricting map was created by the voices of many San Jose volunteers and community leaders in response to maps that divide our communities. This map aims to minimize disruption to our existing neighborhoods, recognized as "communities of interest".

As passionate community volunteers, we know the importance of keeping these decades-old relationships together. The Community Map was approved by the Redistricting Commission (9-2 vote), as one of the three maps moved forward to City Council; Unity Map narrowly passed with a 6-5 vote.

Links to Maps*

  • Unity Map: A version for the Unity Map, presented on Nov. 17 at the final Redistricting Commission meeting, has not been posted on the city’s website. However, San José residents created a map based on the City’s official report using the City-provided tool. This is the link to that map: This version moves approximately 159,000 people from one district to another (about 16% of San Jose’s population). In contrast, the Community Map moves approximately 43,000 people (about 4% of San Jose’s population).

The official maps and the City's reports with the raw data can be found as a link on each Council meetings' agenda.


Once in the map file type, on the far upper right corner, click on the tab “Data Layers”.

Then under the heading “My Painted Districts”, be sure all 3 checkboxes are selected for:

  • Show painted district

  • Show numbering for painted districts

  • Neighborhoods

If you want to see the differences between each of the maps, best to open each one in one web browser first. Then without zooming in, click on the tabs at the top of your browser to toggle between each map.

Ways to Participate

Attend the City Council meetings and please speak during public comment on Tuesday, December 14, at approximately 4:00 p.m. Typically you have 2 minutes to speak, but time permitting, you may have only 1 minute.

Redistricting is Agenda Item 3.4 and will be heard after all other items have been completed. The meeting starts at 1:30 and Redistricting may start around 4:00. Best to join and see where they are on the agenda.

Zoom Meeting

The Council Chambers are also open to the public so you can attend in person.

Send an email to City Council Members

Copy and paste all email addresses below so your input is included in “Letters from the Public” and is available to Council members and their staff. Include “Redistricting” in your subject line.

SUBJECT: Redistricting Dec. 14, Agenda Item 3.4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Link to Agenda: