Lost & Found

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Bikes: Missing / Stolen or Buying Used?

STOLEN? Notify neighbors and the surrounding area with a photo and where it was last seen. Have on-hand several good photos of your bike including the serial number. Post on the following sites and file a police report:


A lot of people register their bikes on this site:

BUYING USED? Try checking for the serial number to determine if it was ever reported stolen:

Loose a Pet?

Immediately notify neighbors and the surrounding area. Have on-hand 2 good photos of your dog. Post on the following sites:


If your pet has a microchip, make sure your contact information is registered and correct:

Found a Pet?

Assuming the pet does not have any obvious form of identification, take it to a local vet to see if they can locate a microchip. The microchip is typically located between the shoulder blades but have been known to wander so be sure to scan the body thoroughly.

(You may want to confirm your pet's microchip works the next time you're at the vet.)

PLEASE register the pet as "FOUND" with SJ Animal Care: (scroll down to the bottom of their website).

Note that it is illegal to adopt or give away a found animal until it has been registered as "FOUND" with SJ Animal Care for at least 30 days. If no owner comes forward in those 30 days, only then can you legally adopt or rehome the pet.

What to do about Bee Swarms

Bee Guild members volunteer to capture honey bee swarms on private or public property–in most cases–for free. To learn more: